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【2/24オンライン開催】第5回 Fashion and BeautyTech Tokyo 無料ウェビナー(英語開催)にBeautyTech.jp矢野貴久子が登壇します

2021年2月24日(水)、アイスタイルが運営協力する第5回「Fashion and BeautyTech Tokyo」が開催されます。「Fashion and Beauty Tech MeetUp(FaB)」は、米国シリコンバレーで始まった、ファッション、美容、ヘルスケア領域の起業家、スタートアップたちを応援したり、助け合うためのコミュニティです。前4回に引き続き、アイスタイルが運営をサポート、がメディアパートナーとして参画し、編集長の矢野貴久子が司会をつとめます。


5回目となる今回は、「How to expand your brand globally」をテーマとして、ユニリーバ、ユニクロなどのグローバルブランドでのマーケティング、デジタルブランディングを経験した識者たちが語る「ブランド」の伝え方についてディスカッションを行います。



◆イベント名: Fashion and BeautyTech Tokyo Vol.5






Event Introduction<English ver.>

Join the webinar about "How to expand your brand globally" with Namiko Kajiwara, Partner at World Innovation Lab, Aya Nakajo Vice President, F3 (Fashion for Future) unit, World Ltd., and Koichiro Tanaka Founder, Creative Director, Projector Inc.

You'll learn how to grow your brand globally by professionals who are experts in brand launch, marketing, and digital branding. Our panel of experts has been working for global brands such as Unilever, Uniqlo, and Original, Inc (Original Stitch).

Live at:

Feb 23, 7:30pm - 8:10pm (Los Angeles Time)

Feb 23, 10:30pm - 11:10pm (New York Time)

Feb 24, 12:30pm - 1:10pm ( Japan Time)

Guest Speaker Bio:

Namiko Kajiwara

Partner at World Innovation Lab

Namiko is Partner, Corporate Innovation at World Innovation Lab. She is a food innovator, connecting Japan and the U.S. She earned MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior, she is passionate to change consumer's daily lives through innovative products or services.

Aya Nakajo

Vice President, F3 (Fashion for Future) unit, World Ltd.

Aya is a Vice President at F3, in charge of B2C incubation at World Group, a Japanese Fashion Conglomarate with over 60+ brands. Prior to F3, Aya started her career at a global management consulting firm, then moved where her passion led her - Fashion, Beauty and Retail.

Experiencing success as a founding executive of two retail ventures, Sabon Japan and Stonemill Matcha in the US, she now enjoys the challenge of incubating and scaling multiple digital businesses for World Group, Ltd.

Aya holds an MS from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA from Hitotsubashi University.

Koichiro Tanaka

Founder / Creative DirectorProjector Inc.

Koichiro Tanaka was born in Nara prefecture, Japan. He studied at Keio university's environmental design department where he encountered the origin of the internet. Until 2004, Tanaka worked as a producer and director at TYO, a Japanese leading film production company. In 2004, he established Projector branding studio in Tokyo. Projector has won more than 100 advertising and design awards in America and Europe, including 2 grand prix and 6 golds in Cannes Lions. He loves traveling and observing people.